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H&S S.p.A.

H&S with more than 25 years is presented as leader in the research and development of software and services for high technology concepts. Founded on Piacenza by a group of professionals with experience working in information technology, the company now offer its clients an extensive partnership based on competence, flexibility and pragmatism.

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H&S S.p.A.

By providing services, products and innovation solutions of high technological quality, it allows to its clients to improve their global results and reach their objectives.

Solid experience

In a very competitive market, H&S satisfies the needs of each client with a customized and specifically designed approach.

We reach our objectives

Participation of all employees, whose number is growing, in the objectives of the company. This approach allowed H&S and its team to grow very quickly and establish an excellent and lasting relationship with its customers.

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positive and stimulating.

Totem iFeel

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